Ken Campbell’s Meaning of Life returns to The Drill Hall for an additional 3 performances to usher in the New Year!

Is it our mission in life to discover our “adventure” and pang ourselves off on it? Or are we merely entertainment for deranged demi-gods? The butt of a joke of such cosmic proportions it may be necessary to travel through the wall or on very personal orificular journeys in order to appreciate it? Or is it dogs?

Ken Campbell has always sought the holy grail of comedy, the state of mind in which everything is funny.

HISTORY OF COMEDY Part One: Ventriloquism takes the audience on a dazzling journey through the art of ventriloquism: from schoolboy experiments in the ancient arts of gastromancy, glossolalia – the gift of tongues – and shamanic Eskimo ventriloquism to encounters with the “grand-daddy” of modern ventriloquism, William Shakespeare Berger, who bequeathed his Kentucky house ‘Vent-haven’ as a final resting place for all “knee pals” everywhere.

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