Keith Farnan returns to the Soho after a sell out run at the Edinburgh Festival with his latest show, Money, Money, Money.

The show was also adapted as a comedy documentary for Irish Television and broadcast on RTE in December 2011 to great acclaim.

Taking a long hard look at our obsession with money, Keith explores Ireland’s brief love affair with vast amounts of money and fiscal meltdown, and presents some cunning plans to repay the €85,000,000,000 Ireland now owes to Europe and the IMF.

In the past year, Keith has toured the major economic hotspots of the world; Switzerland, China, Greece, and obviously Ireland. Most importantly he’ll look at the devastating psychological effects money has had on the Irish psyche as it attempts to take itself, not just out of recession, but out of a depression as well.

As we all know, there are no therapists in Ireland, only barmen.

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