The Player Played is a fun, light-hearted one-act play in rhyming verse, about the games we play whilst pursuing or escaping love and matrimony.

Charles has returned home from travelling about in Europe with his friend Belleur only to be confronted by Anna – the girl he left behind. Despite her brother Doug’s insistence that Charles is a cad, Anna is determined that he is her man and will do whatever it takes to get him. As well as trying to escape that entanglement, Charles has also been ambushed by his father who has decided that it is time for him to settle down and has found Rose through the services of a professional matchmaker to be his wife. If Charles will not go accept Rose then his father is willing to cut him off.

Chaos and comedy ensue as each character use their own tricks (and the sometimes misguided advice of others) to either snare their love or escape the shackles of matrimony.


Stag Nation (aka The Lads)

“Gentlemen. This is a stag night. Not just a stag night, not just John’s stag night, but a link in the longest of long chains that bind men together. Another stag night in the history of millions…”

So begins the story of the Lads, four manly, strapping young men, who have just celebrated their virulence – sorry – virility, and overabundance of testosterone on the eve of their Alpha Dog John’s wedding. They wake, hungover, bleary eyed, yet satisfied knowing that they once more, they got more bloody wankered than anybody, ever. Unfortunately, this headache-y euphoria is shattered when they discover that, to their horror, they have awoken in a strange new world; and not in a good way. They, like Kafka’s Gregor Samsa, have been inexplicably transformed. A strange alignment of the planets, or a quirk of the gods, who can say, but the Lads have a painful day ahead if they’re to come to terms with this shocking new development.




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