In this brand new show, the inimitable John Shuttleworth, star of BBC’s The Shuttleworths, Radio Shuttleworth, and 500 BusStops, is feeling his age. His children are leaving home, and his wife, Mary is soon to retire from her job as a school dinner lady. The world seems to be spinning ever faster, and John’s starting to get just a little dizzy. John feels it’s time to be ‘fawn again’: time to forsake the flamboyant ‘cappuccino’ for a more modest mug of mellow Birds; time to stop building bridges, and start building fences. ‘Yes, but should they be featheredged or shiplap?’ wonders John. And how can this versatile singer/organist consider retirement when he’s still not had that elusive hit record? Perhaps John should find a younger, more dynamic agent than next-door neighbour, Ken Worthington. After all, Ken’s no spring chicken. In fact, he’s a bit of a ‘Romeo OAP’!

As well as considering the joys and perils of having a seat in ‘God’s Waiting Room’, John will be performing new songs on his electronic organ, with built-in auto-accompaniment.

John will also treat us to a sneak preview of his forthcoming feature film – shot by international stills photographer, Martin Parr in the Shetland Isles – ‘It’s Nice Up North’.

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