The man with the sideburns, the glasses and the microphone, is back! Jarred Christmas brings a truly electric hour of arse-kicking comedy to the Soho theatre this June.

Let’s Go MoFo’ is all about ‘Attitude’, and different people’s perspectives on life. From disastrous gym trips and peanut encounters to picnics interrupted by German fighter planes, Jarred spins together the surreal, the fun and the mythical as he takes his shortcomings to task and faces what it is to be a ‘proper man’.

Has he really ever done anything truly brave; does dancing as Madonna on Comic Relief count? Being a crack shot with a nerf gun and wearing a cowboy shirt is impressive, but is it brave?

He has the jokes, he has the stories, he has the energy, he has the personality and he has one helluva show. Fast, funny and in demand- Let’s go MoFo!

‘Likeable, intelligent and full of unpredictable energy.’

‘Christmas in robustly funny, his delivery confident and his show not to be missed.’ ★★★★ List


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