The Polka Theatre celebrates Roald Dahl’s 2016 centenary year with the remarkable children’s story of James And The Giant Peach, an adventure packed with excitement, songs and laughter.

Living under the tyrannical rule of his ghastly aunts, James Trotter leads a miserable life. But one dark night, James receives an unexpected gift from a mysterious man: a bag full of glowing, wriggling lights, and a promise of magic.

Little does he expect, however, that when he drops the bag underneath a dying tree, a single peach begins to grow, and grow, and grow… and grow. Not too long later, and the enormous peach becomes the beginning of a magnificent journey that will take him halfway around the world with some new-found insect companions.

Recommended for ages 5-11, this is a show full of magic to delight children and their parents.

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