Based on Elvis’ 1957 classic, Jailhouse Rock tells the tale of Vince Everett who, while serving hard time behind bars discovers his unique talent for music and goes on to become the greatest rock ‘n’ roll star the world has ever seen. However, money and fame don’t bring the happiness he expects and the pressure of stardom weighs heavily on his shoulders.

The classic rock ‘n’ roll musical has been adapted for the stage by the team behind Buddy and 125th Street, Alan Janes and Rob Bettison, and will combine Elvis’ top tunes with other hit songs from the era that chart the birth and growth of rock ‘n’ roll. Stepping into Elvis’ blue suede shoes at the Piccadilly is West End newcomer and life-long Elvis-phile Mario Kombou, who is joined on stage by Lisa Peace, Roger Alborough and Gilz Terera.

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