Closing 24/11/2007
Running Time 55mins

All zipped up against the winter wind, Spike and Bella huddle together on their back doorstep just thinking. What does Nanna Baaba get up to when she goes beyond the garden gate? What is hiding among the icy trees and holly bushes on theother side of the path? Following their Grandma’s footprints through the snow, the two children tumble through a frosty hedgerow and discover the faded grandeur of an old circus tent. They enter a world of memories where balloon sellers, trapeze artists and high wire acrobats can become a possibility.

Wrapped up in a continuous jazz inspired soundscape, Icicle Bicycle conjures a fantastical world where sometimes it is easier to imagine than to remember.

The show is performed in English and in fully integrated British Sign Language. Suitable for ages 2-6.

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