I’ve never had a happy time with computers. I’ve avoided them for as long as I could but recently this has become an impossible position. I think they prosecute people who don’t have an email address.

This is a show about computers, by someone who knows nothing about them. In it, amongst other things, I have become a computer, or fallen into a computer, or something. My head sort of becomes a computer. You’d have to see it.

Lots of it isn’t about computers. It’s stories. It’s a cardboard cabaret. A skewed stand-up quest to the wiry heart of the cyber web, and into the reasons I once hit a seven year old girl with a stick (I was six and she was annoying).

Fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe 2007 this is the latest show from 2004 Perrier Award winner and 2006 Fringe First winner Will Adamsdale.

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