Granny’s house deep in the middle of the woods seemed far more enticing – but what about the dangers that lurked there? The darkness? The creatures of the night? And the famous wolf? Did he really exist? And then it happened – a parcel on the mat – a cloak – and a journey of a lifetime – which little Red would never forget. And where would it take her? How would she fare? Would she survive? Join Tangere Arts for another exciting storytelling performance, an adventure with live music, lots of laughs (and some scary moments too). This beautiful, lyrical poem by Noel Greig, one of our major writers for children and adults alike, is not to be missed! For 7 – 11 years old Suitable for Years 3 – 7 The performance is followed by an interactive workshop,which will be set at an appropriate level for this age group, and will offer young people an opportunity to make their own music and tell their own tales.

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