Closing 22/06/2007

Nine short plays created by the young people of East London. What is around them is their inspiration.

Three plays showcased at each performance. Matinees suitable for theatregoers aged 12 and older, evening performance suitable for theatregoers aged 16 and older.

Case Of Emergency by Leon Young
A couple kill off a relative they don’t like and keep her in a suitcase!

The Hood Life And The High Life  by Adelayo Adedayo & Orla Keefe
A (white) girl moves to a ‘better’ neighbourhood. She leaves her (black) friends behind. They struggle with their new allegiances.

Bobby James by Benjamin Kuffour
A young man feels disempowered and alone, bullied by his dad and school mates. He takes a gun into school – not sure if it is for himself or a teacher.

You Don’t Have To Like Me!  by Rhianna Simpson
An autobiographical account of a young 13 year old struggling with life.

A Mother’s Love  by the Children’s Society
A young woman is not accepted into her fiancé’s family. Her mother-in-law-to-be curses her.

Remember To Think Of Me – Daoud’s Story by  DOST Youth Project
An young Iraqi man escapes persecution in the UK. Back home his pregnant wife died because of complications after giving birth.

Our Baby Charlie by The VIBE Youth Centre
A young father doesn’t trust the mother of his child Charlie. He tries to take him away.

Waiting For Kion by the Young Teenage Mums Project
 A 16 year old girl meets her dad for the first time since she was a baby. He has opted out of the city life and lives from hand-to-mouth as a landscape artist. 

Submarine by the Newham Youth Parliament
A young Nigerian man doesn’t want to go back to Nigeria to be ‘safer’ – his life is here in London. He emails his oceanologist uncle for advice and gets sucked into a world under sea!

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