Closing 08/10/2016

Academy Award nominee John Malkovich makes his London directing debut in the English-speaking premiere of Zach Helm’s gripping self-destruction play Good Canary.

Centring on rising star of the literary world Jack, Good Canary sees the author on the verge of striking a multi-million-dollar deal with a leading publisher, after a successful first novel launches him to stardom.

But often the cost of creativity hits those around us, with Jack’s wife, Annie, struggling with addiction, mental illness and the additional public scrutiny that comes with her partner’s sudden success.

Having received rave reviews in Mexico City and Paris, including nominations for six French Moliere Awards, winning for Best Director and Best Design, Malkovich’s production of this thrilling, hard-hitting and darkly witty play arrives on these shores with much prior acclaim of its own. 

Contains strong language, drug and sex references.

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