American dairy farmers Frank and Emma live alone in the American Mid-West, where all is peaceful and nothing of note ever happens. But now their basement has become the dwelling place of a rather strange man, and a government official is knocking at their door. It is time to prepare for a bright, new American future and things are going to start moving extremely fast.

Sam Shepard’s uncompromising black comedy, which receives its European premiere at the Donmar, has been described by the playwright as “a take-off on Republican fascism”. Shepard has written 45 plays, 11 of which have won Obie Awards. Buried Child, seen in 2004 at the National Theatre, won Shepard the Pulitzer Prize.

Kathy Burke, best known for her comedy roles opposite Harry Enfield and in Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, directs the production. Her other directing credits include Love Me Tonight and Born Bad (Hampstead), Blue/Orange (Sheffield Crucible) and The Quare Fellow, which was staged at the Tricycle theatre in spring 2005.

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