Polish company Teatr im. Kochanowskiego perform Macbeth in Polish as part of the Globe’s innovative season, Globe To Globe.

Macbeth is a hero. He and his friend Banquo, returning from battle, are met by three Witches who prophesy that Macbeth will become King. Macbeth confides in his wife and together they plot to murder King Duncan while he is sleeping in Macbeth’s castle. As Macbeth’s guilt and paranoia about his power grows, his acts become bloodier,and events spiral out of control.

Raves and binges lighten the nights in Maja Kleczewska’s Dunsinane. In this sharply modern production which echoes the films of Lynch and Almodovar, transvestites, addicts and tracksuited gangsters wander the corridors and teeter on the brink of sanity. The Kochanowski Theatre is situated in Opole, once home of the theatrical visionary Jerzy Grotowski, and this pop culture interpretation continues a 21st century tradition of great Polish Macbeths in London

Globe To Globe sees every one of Shakespeare’s 37 plays performed in a different language by an international company. The result is a once in a life time, six week celebration of the incredible breadth of communities and languages that make up London’s vibrant cultural landscape.

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