A series of eight monologues by Benedick West – four performed daily:

  • Lonely Gertrude waits for her daughter to call on her birthday, but there is a shocking revelation to come…
  • Alexander – football hooligan or something completely different?
  • Ten-year-old Emily, stranded alone in a seedy Amsterdam hotel room, may be facing a far worse fate…
  • Maureen’s promising relationship is certainly not all that it seems…
  • Cleaner Eva shares her tale as she manically scatters malapropisms around the theatre
  • Ludicrous Desmond reveals his plans to own the best sex shop this side of Birmingham
  • Frightfully posh Candida’s life is transformed by her new Lithuanian au pair
  • Tina relates her experiences of working in a tampon factory and losing her virginity in the station toilets.

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