Talawa’s series of play readings showcasing the best in new Black British writing.

Flipping The Script gives audiences the chance to hear stories from new and emerging writers who are exploring and celebrating the Black British experience in all its complexity and diversity.

14 May – Winsome’s Daughter
By Faith Miller
Winsome’s daughter lives in a hostel. She is angry and alienated from society: her chief way of ending a conversation is with a bone crunching head-butt. When Esther – a shrewd social worker – turns up, everything changes. Esther’s philosophy is, ‘all humans want to thrive’. Winsome’s daughter recognises this and tries to change. But can she take a leap of faith?

28 June – The Only Way
By Olu Alakija
Amba and Ben are the new Black middle class. After Ben loses his job he happily takes a back seat; that is until they take on a lodger. Jae quietly and corrosively reminds Ben of Amba’s place. His insidious intrusion exposes the fragility and tensions of the relationship and leads to a climax that will change both of their lives forever.

20 July – Brixton Rock
By Kolton Lee – an adaptation of Alex Wheatle’s novel.
It is 1980. Against a backdrop of racial tension that will eventually lead to the 1981 Brixton Riots we meet a bunch of wily teenagers. Dabbling in drugs, partying, petty crime and misdemeanours, we follow them as they try to find love, self expression and freedom.

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