Firebird transfers from the Hampstead Downstairs to Trafalgar Studios following a glisteningly successful 2015 run, telling a mature story of exploitation and youthful naivety.

Phil Davies’ debut play, the show centres on Tia, a cocksure teenager with a sharp tongue, mouthy attitude and confident swagger.

But behind her masquerade lies a vulnerable teenager living under difficult circumstances, a background which ominously draws her to the charming, charismatic figure of AJ, who shows her a kindness she’s never before known – but with severe consequences.

Directed by the acclaimed Edward Hall, whose previous hits include the Olivier Award-winning musical Sunny Afternoon, Firebird is an excruciating thriller, a searing exploration of recent cases of child sexual exploitation, and a cutting commentary on how the naivety of youth leaves people open to such terrifying manipulation.

Please note that this production contains themes of an adult nature.

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