Fear Up

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U.S. Army’s manual on interrogation, FM 34-52: “The fear-up approach is the exploitation of a source’s pre-existing fear during the period of capture and interrogation….This approach has the greatest potential to violate the law of war.” Read More >

Fear Up is important for a lot of reasons. First, because all the stories are true and they reflect a variety of perspectives. The stories are horrifying, sad, hopeful and just plain funny. They are real. Told by real people.

But secondly, and perhaps more importantly, Fear Up connects us for a moment to the actions of our government. That is what democracy is, in theory – a government that exists by its connection to the governed.

Washington-based DMC present a reading of documentary accounts from prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, ordinary people in Iraq, US Soldiers and Journalists.

The accumulation of these stories, hearing them one on top of the other, takes us way beyond this mornings news and serves to remind us of what are all still involved in, challenging us to examine our actions – or inaction.


Important Dates & Timing

Opening Night: 12/04/2006

Closing Night: 12/04/2006

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Cast & Creative


Producer - Democracy Cell Project, Apocryphal Theatre & CPT