Lucy is starting to think Father Christmas can’t possibly exist. She didn’t get a single present from him last year, and her Mum doesn’t care. In fact, her Mum dosen’t seem to care about much anymore. Miserable and lonely, Lucy writes a desperate letter, not expecting anyone to read it, and sends it to the North Pole. When the letter arrives, Father Christmas decides he must cheer Lucy up at all costs. But he’s having a crisis – his best reindeer is retiring, and it’s Christmas Eve! The only hope is to rely on his new reindeer, a totally usless reindeer with a rather unusual nose.

Follow Father Christmas’s thrilling adventures as he races to get around thew world before the morning. And when disaster strikes on the way to Lucy’s house, can he and his reindeer deliver her present – the last present – before she gives up hope? Ages 4+

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