Farewell To The Theatre tells the story of director/producer/playwright/actor Harley Granville-Barker as, world-weary and embittered, he rediscovers his love of theatre.

Living in Massachusetts in 1916, with war raging in Europe, Granville-Barker hs fallen in with a group of British expatriates endeavouring to find their way in an academic, theatre obsessed community.

Intrigue, lust and betrayal permeates this witty and absorbing study of human nature, as Granville Barker gradually rediscovers his faith in theatre’s centrality to a life well lived.

Farewell To The Theatre playwright Richard Nelson has previously adapted the plays of Strindberg, Chekhov and Erdman, while his own plays include the Olivier Award-winning Goodnight Children Everywhere.

Roger Michell, who directs Farewell To The Theatre, has an extensive career for both stage and screen. His films include Notting Hill and Venus, while his theatrical work includes The Female Of The Species, Landscape With Weapon and Betrayal.

Farewell To The Theatre is a world premiere.

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