Five Women. One War. One Purpose.

Anonymous Is A Women Theatre Company present F.A.N.Y (First Aid Nursing Yeomanry), a startling new play telling the incredible true story of the women who drove ambulances from the front line of the bloody battlefield to the nearby hospitals in France during the First World War.

F.A.N.Y is a startling new play about courage, bravery & redemption. This evocative production immerses you in the front-line reality of the Great War from a rarely seen woman’s perspective.

Based on real accounts from the F.A.N.Y records and the Imperial War Museum, F.A.N.Y is inspired by the novel Across The Blood-Red Skies by Robert Radcliffe.

Anonymous Is A Woman Theatre Company is dedicated to bringing audiences high quality, engaging, theatrical experiences that tell the unheard stories of women throughout history and across the world. 

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