Enthralling audiences with her sublime artistry, technical prowess and searing energy, Rocío Molina returns to Dance Umbrella to strip flamenco down to its purest form: a passionate and exhilarating expression of freedom.

Here the Spanish dancer borrows from feminine, masculine and even animalistic codes to devise a personal performance about womanhood. With her body serving as the focal point, we see a fall with no return, a physically exhausting progression from shadow to light, silence to sound, order to chaos.

Molina’s process for Caída del Cielo began with public improvisations in France and Spain. Taking inspiration from these interactions, her piece is intensely raw and extremely witty. Provocative and playful images emerge as she adopts different guises and inventive costumes, at times alone onstage, at others collaborating with four phenomenal musicians. Molina’s last visit to the Barbican, with Bosque Ardora, proved a hit of Dance Umbrella 2014, earning her an Olivier Award nomination.

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