The Lost Theatre hosts a twist on the typical musical with Fables For A Boy, the moving story of a boy who is transported with the audience from the harsh confines of reality by the fantastical and visually audacious fables of his grandmother.

Springing to life through creative devices such as shadow puppetry, marionettes, projection and a custom designed rod puppet, Fables For A Boy tells a collection of his grandmother’s tales which inspire imagination within a child otherwise without a voice.

Engulfed by despair, he finds hope in the beautiful, if dangerous, stories, repressing the darkness of his loathing parents, malicious doctor and clueless teacher.

But at their conclusion, will he be strong enough to return to reality?

A dark and grotesque story, Fables For A Boy is an unique application of musical theatre.

Please note that this performance is suitable for ages 16+.

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