Two men in their mid-nineties meet in a high rise apartment somewhere in South America. It is Vogel’s home. He has spent most of his long life hiding there, trying to forget who he is and what he once did. And he has succeeded, until now.

Bloom tricks his way in, dragging his battered old trunk. It is full of their shared history; files, lists, gramophone records, photos, an old uniform… keys to unlock Vogel’s memory and to reveal him as he once was.

Bloom confronts Vogel. Teases him. Taunts him. Forces him to face his unforgivable crimes. But as Bloom says, ‘Here you are, more real in my mind than you are in your own.’ The task seems almost impossible.

And if Bloom succeeds? It is too late for justice. Too late for vengeance. The question is, what happens if there is still no conclusion after extra time..?

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