After a successful debut concert performance at the London Palladium last year, Eugenius! receives a fully-fledged run at The Other Palace in 2018.

The eagerly anticipated new musical is a teenage love story, set against a backdrop of comic books and superheroes in the classic decade of the 1980s.

Written by Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins, Eugenius! tells the story of Eugene, a teenage boy whose nightly dreams of a distant world of heroes and villains may just be the ticket to him creating his very own comic book movie in Hollywood.

Joined by his best friends ‘Janey’ – who’s mad for him, except for when he has his head inside a comic book – and ‘Feris’, our comic writing genius must discover the true meaning of growing up. To do so, Eugene is forced to find the superhero within, saving the world from both earthbound villains – and possibly those from distant galaxies – and, along the way, falling in love.

The production is produced by legendary “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” actor Warwick Davis and features the voice of Prince Vultan himself, Brian Blessed. Through underground word-of-mouth, and a very public concert performance, Eugenius! is fast becoming something of a theatrical cult phenomenon.

Eugenius! first appeared in London in a world premiere concert performance on 29 June 2016 which featured an incredible cast of award-winning musical theatre names, including the likes of Warwick Davis, David Bedella, Amy Lennox and Marcus Brigstocke. Now, Eugenius returns to Theatreland in the show’s first fully-staged run on the London stage.

American-born star Liam Forde will play the lead titular role of Eugene, the teenager whose dreams of a world of heroes and villains leads him to create his very own comic book movie in Hollywood. Laura Baldwin, who recently starred in Big Fish The Musical at The Other Palace, will play his love interest Janey.

With a totally originally score – Adams’ and Wilkins’ homage to all the great sounds of the ‘80s – plus a scintillating script that makes you laugh, cry, and punch the air, this is a show where geeks rule, dreams come true, and everyone finds the superhero inside themselves – you’ve just gotta know where to look.

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