In Eloge Du Poil, Jeanne Mordoj plays the bearded lady who scoffs at fashion. Hers is a beard that makes you sit up and take notice. She represents a femininity that is mysterious, strange and alluring. Her independence cannot be mastered or put into a box. She can ask any question, say and do anything, because her conventions are from another time and place.

In a fairground-carnival setting, sharing her ‘freak show’ stage with a badger, a mountain goat and other natural curiosities, she juggles egg yolks and bamboo and forces us to consider taboos that rarely come to the surface.

Ventriloquist, contortionist and multi-talented circus artist, this charismatic hirsute lady reveals truths about identity, perception, sex and finally death itself.

Eloge Du Poil is presented as part of the London International Mime Festival. It is staged in French with English surtitles and is suitable for theatregoers aged 10 and older.

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