Jo Blake Cave has wandered into the mythological forest – delving among the roots to find the splintered remains of stories that speak of petals, plants and astonishing transformations. Here bark becomes skin, flesh becomes food and chlorophyll becomes blood…

Nine families with murderous thoughts dance in spirals through the night, a green mist rises over a peaty marsh, and two men stand on a riverbank conjuring a woman out of blossom. These story-shards present a fractal ecology of repeating motifs from British and New Guinean myth, Russian wondertale and East Anglian folktale.
But be warned, with poison-tinged petals and leaves dripping with blood, this is no feminine whimsy, nor a story of a green and pleasant land. This is mythological ecology… for girls….and boys!

Ecology for Girls is a 3monkeys commission, supported by Arts Council England

Suitable for ages 14+


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