The award-winning star of Love Actually, Bill Nighy, has lent his acting talents to a new musical being staged by the learning disabilities theatre company Moment by Moment – which is run and funded by the charity Yarrow.


Called ‘Dumped the Musical’, this romantic comedy centres round the trials of Silas, a young farmer who loses his heart to a fickle milkmaid. After the affections of his true love are stolen by the evil villain Faisal, the heartbroken Silas tries to forget his loss through drink and general debauchery.


Rescued from his despair by the wise spirit of the street, Silas sets out on an epic adventure –  disguised as the racing driver Carlos Viagra – to win back his milkmaid’s heart. His journey brings him into contact with Bill Nighy who plays the ‘compromised’ President of the United States, as well as Donal MacIntyre who plays a spoof undercover reporter called Doughnut MacIntosh.


Bill Nighy pre-recorded his contribution, which appears as a projection during the show; Donal MacIntyre is appearing in person every night during the play’s run.


This is the fourth year that the Moment by Moment Theatre Company has put on its annual show at the Arts Education School in Chiswick. The acting company was set up by the charity Yarrow in 2001 to help build the confidence, speech, coordination and social skills of people with learning disabilities, as well as to provide literacy and employment training.


The group has over 50 members, including Yarrow service users, staff and people from the local community, who all help to design and build sets, and act in the group’s productions. Several members of the group have honed their acting skills and are now hoping to turn professional.

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