Anne Teresa De Keermaeker presents the full setting of Steve Reich’s seminal percussion work Drumming, which plays as part of Sadler’s Sampled.

A pioneer of minimalist music, Reich’s work has been a catalyst throughout De Keersmaeker’s career ever since 1982, when she created her choreographic debut Fase. Since then his distinctive style has formed the basis of numerous works by De Keersmaeker including Rain.

Composed by Reich in 1970, Drumming is based on a single rhythmic motif, which multiplies, develops and accelerates into an endless interplay of canons. This powerful score is brought to life with breath-taking precision as contemporary music ensemble Ictus performs live on stage, whilst 13 dancers move to the beat in this energetic and skilfully choreographed piece.

Sadler’s Sampled is a brand new annual event taking place over two weeks at Sadler’s Wells and presents a selection of the world’s greatest dance at a low price.

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