The National Theatre presents a season of four new plays by playwrights new to the NT, presented as double bills.

Edgar & Annabel
by Sam Holcroft
A young married couple prepare dinner in a smartly furnished kitchen. Annabel is composed, intelligent, in love. Edgar is professional, successful, assured. She is chopping vegetables, he has brought the wine. But something isn’t right. In a city not so different from London, a group of freedom fighters attempt to stand up to an Orwellian establishment in increasingly perilous circumstances.

Holcroft’s new play paints a picture of a police state in crisis. The story that unfolds brings into question relationships, identities and the very nature of reality itself…

The Swan by DC Moore
In a decaying pub in South London, preparations are being made for a wake. The beer is warm, the rain is falling and tempers are running close to breaking point. Denise has lost a father and Jim has missed his own son’s funeral. With only an hour before their guests arrive, a fractured family begins to settle its accounts. The ghosts of lives lived and opportunities missed are laid to rest as new and ancient betrayals are confronted and forgiven.

DC Moore’s touching and funny new play examines the ties that hold us together in a multi-cultural society.

For more abotu Double Feature: Edgar & Annabel / The Swan at the National Theatre read the First Night Feature.

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