In Don Juan, five flirtatious “French” performers meet you at the door. They bring you in, they show you to your seat, they flirt with you. Maybe they fall a little bit in love with you. Then they tell the story of Don Juan – with you.

Don Juan – the world’s greatest lover, the original master of seduction. He lives big, loves big, fights hard and creates one hell of a mess.

Like a wild dress-up party Don Juan combines theatrical magic, twisted pop songs and explosive wit. The most charming performers you can hope to meet play a revolving repertoire of outrageous characters including their own version of Don Juan.

While delving into themes of boldness, bravery, the ridiculousness of love, the perils of throwing caution to the wind, Don Juan depicts how – despite our best efforts – we often fail to be the impressive person we wish to be.

Created and performed by A Slightly Isolated Dog, this New Zealand theatre company delivers a frantic and hilarious mash-up in the style of Python meets The Boosh. Leave your inhibitions at the door and play.

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