Dodo Modern Poets returns to the New Wimbledon Theatre Studio for a gala evening of poetry and zany wordsmithery as part of the second annual Wimbledon Bookfest.

Aeron Thomas is fresh from an American tour where she wowed audiences with the poetry and stories of her father Dylan Thomas as well as her own excellent verse. Dodo founder Patric Cunnane blends passion, politics, pathos and humour into work that celebrates his Irish roots. London slam champion 2007 Jasmine Ann Cooray is a powerful performer unafraid to get personal. PR Murry blasts at life's irritations, from the mundane to the apocalyptic, including nuclear meltdown in Tooting. Ardella Jones has switched from comedy to poetry but expect some well-aimed rants as Wimbledon's answer to Victoria Wood catches fire.

Dodo Modern Poets appears regularly at the Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden, bringing together premier performers on the contemporary poetry circuit for performances that are always surprising, stimulating and liberally peppered with fun.

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