Following recent success with The Autumn of Han, Red Dragonfly Productions return with another exciting adaptation of a Chinese classic at the Arts Centre in the form of DiaoChan: The Rise Of The Courtesan.

The Empire is in uproar, with the tyrannical DongZhuo and great warrior LuBu systematically executing all those who might question them or their reign. Fearing for himself and his family, minister WangYun soon finds a singing girl of his household, DiaoChan, become the object of both DongZhuo and LuBu’s lustful interests.

Devising a plan to trigger the downfall of DongZhuo and rise to the ranks of nobility, the fate of the Empire rests in DiaoChan’s hands.

Based on the ancient Chinese legend of DiaoChan, part of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and known as the Chinese Macbeth, it is an epic story of lust, jealousy and revenge.

Performed in English.

Please note this production is recommended for ages 16+, and is deemed unsuitable for those under 12.

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