More than half a century after the original Broadway production, Eugene O’Neill’s intoxicating tale of lust and redemption receives a major London revival.

Inspired by the Ancient Greek myth of Phaedra, Desire Under The Elms focuses on the devastating influences of lust and greed on a dysfunctional family in 1850s America, portraying their brutal disputes and fierce feelings of entitlement with all the powerful imagery, unsettling strangeness and poetic theatricality characteristic of O’Neill’s greatest writing.

When his two half brothers go off in search of California gold, Eben Cabot can finally claim rightful ownership of his mother’s farm. But when his elderly father returns to take charge with a pretty new wife in tow, Eben struggles to repress the battles between lust, pride and conscience that rage within him.

Celebrated as one of the greatest American dramatists of all time, O’Neill’s plays include Anna Christie and A Long Day’s Journey Into Night, both of which have recently received major revivals in the West End.

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