Delving into the seedy world of doping, Deny, Deny, Deny is a controversial but strikingly pertinent drama penned by journalist-turned-playwright Jonathan Maitland, writer of An Audience With Jimmy Saville.

Set in the near future of 2026, the play follows Eve, a promising young athlete with the world at her feet… until she is offered cutting edge ‘therapy’ treatment by her mysterious but charismatic coach.

Promising to make her the fastest woman in the world, the treatment’s safety, legality and ethical application is soon called into question, providing a gripping, extraordinary and revealing exposé of the life of a champion.

Ambition, love, revenge and jealousy all come to the fore under the lens of 21st century science, as Maitland’s two years of research manifest themselves in this explosive show. Recommended for ages 14+.

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