Kneehigh’s touring sensation Dead Dog In A Suitcase (And Other Love Songs), a raucous and vivacious adaptation of The Beggar’s Opera, is a musical masterpiece combining folk, grime and dubstep.

Transporting audiences to a gritty urban world which explodes into glorious theatrical life, the show radically reinvents John Gay’s scabrous satire The Beggar’s Opera. It has enjoyed playing in houses around the country to massive critical acclaim in 2014, so Dead Dog In A Suitcase tickets are expected to be similarly in hot demand at London’s Lyric Hammersmith.

Dead Dog In A Suitcase centres on the notorious urban assassin, Macheath. When Mayor Goodman is assassinated – along with his dog – Macheath and his new wife, Polly Peachum, seek to skip town. But his life is soon threatened so, with explosive energy and a powerful musical mix, Macheath will cut his way through corruption and the criminal world, dodging bullets and breaking hearts as he goes.

Plundering the sound of our times – trip hop, folk, ska, grime and dubstep seamlessly blended – Dead Dog In A Suitcase is a savage political comedy which pulses with wit, wonder and weirdness. The show shines a contemporary light on humans and their capacity for corruption in the face of big business and urban myths.

Dead Dog In A Suitcase’s versatile ensemble includes Rina Fatania (Mrs Peachum), Georgia Frost (Filch) James Gow (Musician & Mac’s Gang), Angela Hardie (Polly Peachum), Martin Hyder (Les Peachum), Dave Johnzy (Musician and Mac’s Gang), Giles King (Colin Lockit), Patrycja Kujawska / Lucy Rivers (Widow Goodman), Alex Lupo (Musician, Mayor Goodman & Mac’s Gang), Dominic Marsh (Macheath), Beverly Rudd (Lucy Lockitt), and Sarah Wright / Tim Dalling (Punch Puppeteer and Mac’s Gang).

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