A love letter to British sci-fi television, Michael Dennis’ Dark Sublime stars Star Trek: The Next Generation actress Marina Sirtis in her West End debut.

Dark Sublime is a play which explores what happens when a mega-fan, Oli, arrives at the door of Marianne (Sirtis), a now-forgotten sci-fi TV icon whose career highlights seem well behind her.

All Oli wants is an autograph from Marianne, and all she wants is a second chance at stardom – something more substantial than a half-remembered role on a cult TV show. But, with enough time and space, their sudden encounter might just lead to both their wishes coming true, as they begin to explore one another’s worlds.

As much about joy and heartbreak as it is about quarries and transmat beams, Dark Sublime examines the complexities of relationships, particularly within the the LGBTQ community, and looks at the contrast in lived experiences across generations.

As well as Sirtis, Jacqueline King (Doctor Who, BBC), Simon Thorp (Hard Sun, BBC), Sophie Ward (Young Sherlock Holmes, Amblin Entertainment) and Kwaku Mills (good dog, UK Tour) will star. Andrew Keates (As Is and Dessa Rose, also both at Trafalgar Studios) directs.

Stage and screen star Mark Gatiss (Sherlock, The League Of Gentlemen; both BBC) will be lending his voice to the part of Kosley, a hysterical talking computer.

A tribute to the community of fandom, Dark Sublime examines the feeling of belonging that comes with finding your place among the outcasts. The perfect play for anybody who has ever watched, enjoyed – or made – sci-fi television, Dark Sublime will leave you beaming.

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