Daisy Pulls It Off centres on the attempts of super achieving scholarship girl Daisy Meredith to make her mark on the snobby setting of Grangewood School for Young Ladies. It is not all plain-sailing through these posh waters though and Daisy faces numerous challenges along the way.

Daisy Pulls It Off is the classic girls’ school story and the success of brain over bullying, dealing with the bitchy belittling by two of her classmates. The revival of Denise Deegan’s work comes at a time when bullying is central to the news agenda not just the terrain of times gone by; a very modern day problem that is constantly being examined as the various forms it can take diversify from face-to-face to online.

Daisy Pulls It Off puts moments of bullying centre stage as Daisy encounters others’ prejudices and despite its 1920s setting, isn’t as distant as many might imagine.

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