Two actors play 25 characters in Dad’s Army Radio Show, a brilliant staging of three classic radio episodes based on favourite scripts from classic BBC TV series.

Dad’s Army Radio Hour celebrates 50 years of Perry and Croft’s quintessential sitcom, which won the Best One-Liner accolade in a poll of comedians conducted by Gold, with the immortal words “Don’t tell him, Pike”.

Dad’s Army is the classic BBC television sitcom about the Walmington-on-Sea platoon of the British Home Guard, a group of local volunteers otherwise ineligible for military service – usually due to age, leading to the nickname “Dad’s Army”. Their role – in theory, at least – was to act as a secondary defence force in case of invasion, but in reality they rarely saw any conflict.

Running for nine series and 80 episodes, Dad’s Army instead made light of their life on the edges of the war effort to hilarious effect, with years of memorable scenes still playing on television today. A new feature film was also released in 2016, starring the likes of Bill Nighy, Sir Michael Gambon, Toby Jones and Sir Tom Courtenay.

Double Fringe First Award winner David Benson (star of Think No Evil Of Us: My Life With Kenneth Williams and Boris: World King) and Jack Lane (Wisdom Of A Fool) present a selection of classic radio episodes featuring favourite lines, cherished characters and great feats of vocal impersonation!

The episodes featured are Mum’s Army, The Deadly Attachment and Round And Round Went The Great Big Wheel.

Dad’s Army Radio Hour will delight fans of the series and newcomers alike.

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