There is a saying, that to receive a stranger is to honour a prophet… Since time immemorial, displaced people have caused controversy, discontent and fear. Whether they have moved as nomads, refugees or migrants, there has almost always been conflict between hosts and new arrivals, and the world today is no exception. When fear is allowed to prevail over reason and tolerance, there are always consequences…

Cry Of Innocence tells the story of The City, a mythical realm where the apparent harmony is controlled by the powerful and the workers work for free. This is how it has always been and no-one can imagine anything different. However, when a rift breaks open within the community and the false harmony is shown up for what it is, passionate unrest leads inevitably to violence and the consequences that follow are profound.

An opera for the 21st Century, Cry Of Innocence is inspired by contemporary events, but the truth at the heart of the tale is as old as mankind.

GyeNyame comes to Greenwich Theatre following its West End production of Mary Seacole at the Linbury Studio, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

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