Crick Crack Club: Fairytales For Grown-Ups serves up another double bill, with the hairy man of fairytale, Martin Shaw, and queen of the exquisite, Sally Pomme Clayton.

Sometimes you suffer for love – sometimes you suffer because of love…

A princess marries a bear, who comes to her bed each night as a man. Step into a snow swathed fairytale forest for a dark Norwegian wondertale – a quest through ice, to climb a mountain of glass and set a cursed bear free.

Mysterious, romantic and funny, Sally Pomme Clayton, serves up the perfect wintery romance located within a fantastical star-lit universe and filled with stolen children, trolls, and trickery, and richly metaphorical transformation.

She’s coming this way, she’s riding a goat, and she’s armed with a spoon – enter Tatterhood the wild twin; a brooding Northern King, and an old gypsy whose voice sounds like rooster blood dragged from the heart of the moon…

Mythologist Martin Shaw leads us into all the serious, comedic, violent, erotic glory of this fabulous fairytale and it’s enchanting heroin, and takes a little look at the difficult business of becoming a real human being.

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