You’ve never seen the Complete Works quite like this before, as Forced Entertainment enact each of Shakespeare’s 36 plays in condensed and playful representations on a table top with a cast of everyday objects.
If you’ve ever wondered how a salt and pepper pot would play the king and queen, Complete Works: Table Top Shakespeare answers the question. Featuring a spoon as a servant and a candle as the Friar, you’ll see Macbeth portrayed by a cheese grater, Pericles a light bulb and Hamlet by a bottle of ink.
Theatre pioneers Forced Entertainment explore the dynamism of narrative and language in their simple yet distinctive summary of the playwright’s comedies, tragedies, histories and late work.  
One by one, members of the ensemble retell all the plays over six days – creating scaled-down worlds that are vivid, accessible and comic – inviting audiences to enjoy one or as many performances as they fancy.

Please see the show page for the complete schedule of plays and their respective performance dates/times. 

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