I love you now.
I’m with you now.
I’ll do my best, moment to moment, not to betray you.
That’s it. No more. Don’t make me lie to you.

What is the most we can truthfully promise?

The inhabitants of an institution are under the control of tinker who inflicts horric experiments on them to test the limits of their love for one another.

Brutal and shocking but poetic and tender, Cleansed is a powerful theatrical experience which maps the beauty and the bleakness of the human heart.

Sarah Kane is widely regarded as the most significant dramatist to have emerged in recent years. Her work has been the cause of extraordinary controversy, with its continuing tension between love and cruelty, and her visual, expressionist style pushes the boundaries of theatrical form. Kane’s artistic vision and her black humour reveal a prophetic awareness of the modern world which remains uniquely her own.

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