Phil Porter has created this new version of the classic fairytale for the Unicorn ensemble.

Cinderella is at the end of her tether bailing out the family business, a floating retirement home for elderly magicians.

And when she is not bailing out the business, she is bailing out the water, as well as cooking, sewing, mending, tending and repairing. So when her Dad announces that he has found a new wife, things seem to be looking up. Maybe Cinderella will finally have some help keeping the boat – and the business – afloat.

Meanwhile, the royal palace announces a ball to find the young prince a wife, and Cinderella dreams of escaping her chores just for one night. But with only the retirement home’s ancient residents for company, who is going to work the magic she needs to get her there?

This screwball version of Cinderella features live music and humour and is suitable for all the family aged 6+

Phil Porter wrote last year’s The Flying Machine at the Unicorn theatre.

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