Defiantly individual, instantly recognisable, the all-female Cholmondeleys and all-male Featherstonehaughs are renowned for their unique style, character and wit. Take your seats and hold on to them very firmly indeed, as choreographer Lea Anderson presents “YIPPEEE!!! (2006)”

A kaleidoscopic chorus line-graph of geometric production numbers. An elaborate Busby Berkeleyesque cornucopia of Terpsichorean diversions that can only elicit the response: “YIPPEEE!!! (2006)”

Glance sheepishly at your neighbours as the virulently infectious electro-squeak groove of composer Steve Blake’s new band Yum Yum induces an involuntary yet fervent cry of “YIPPEEE!!! (2006)”

Blink in wonderment at the mesmerising, sound-synced light, and exclaim “YIPPEEE!!! (2006)” as it is propelled towards you at speeds of up to 299,792,458 metres per second by lighting designer Simon Corder.

The allure of the velour, the frisson of the chiffon, the thrill of the twill and the drill. This can only mean two things: costumes by Emma Fryer, and an elated vociferation of “YIPPEEE!!! (2006)”

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