Closing 03/06/2006
Running Time 1h25

In the chaos of border crossing as his people are driven out of India, a small boy called Pali suddenly finds himself lost and alone. Taken into a Muslim family, he is given a new name, and a new faith – Islam. Seven years later, when fate reunites him with his Hindu roots; he must decide if if he is the boy he is born, the boy he has been brought up to be, or simply a Child of the Divide. This new, emotionally charged adaptation of Bhisham Sahni’s story, set during the 1947 partition of India, brings Polka together with the acclaimed Tamasha Theatre Company. In a fusion of exciting talents, the artistic team use gripping drama, music and movement to create a vitally relevant play. It’s a story of love and loss, friendship and belonging; for any young person who wants to be accepted just as they are. For ages 8-14.

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