In a small square in Paris, under the watchful eye of infamous fashion designer Mademoiselle Parfait, the animals are still performing The Carnival Of The Animals, ninety years after its debut. These days the show is flagging, and the cast are squabbling. But the arrival of a new troupe of animals, including a rock and roll chimpanzee, is set to really shake things up.

How will Odette the Swan or Henri the Lion react to the newcomers? What exactly is Mademoiselle Parfait trying to hide? Can they ever all unite and return the Carnival to its status as the greatest musical sensation in Paris?

A new musical, starring Anita Dobson, based on the famous music of the French composer Saint-Saens. The tunes from Carnival of the Animals have been audience favourites for many years – The Swan, The Elephant, The Aquarium, Fossils etc. Now this music forms the basis of a new musical featuring the Saint-Saens’ animals.

Suitable for ages 6+

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