Calendar Girls is the story of a group of ordinary, middle aged WI women who achieve something extraordinary.

After the death of Annie Clarke’s husband, feisty Chris Harper persuades the group to pose for a charity calendar with a difference. Puzzling their husbands, mortifying their children and riding the wrath of the outraged WI, they embark on achieving their goal of raising money for charity.

Beginning with the aim of buying a comfortable sofa for their local cancer ward, the calendar girls unexpectedly spark a global phenomenon and their success grows beyond all expectations. Taking them from the hills of Yorkshire to the Hollywood Hills in LA, the sudden media attention proves more difficult to live with then they could have predicted.

Calendar Girls is based on a true story and was adapted by Tim Firth from his original screenplay of the 2003 award-winning film starring Helen Mirren and Julie Walters. The play was first performed at the Chichester Festival Theatre.

This production may contain iced bun-covered nudity.

For more information about Calendar Girls at the Noel Coward theatre, read the First Night Feature and Big Interview with former cast member Jill Halfpenny.

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