Bullet Hole takes a stark look at female genital mutilation through the eyes of three Londoners, as their different cultures and backgrounds come together.

In Bullet Hole, young Londoner Cleo was given her ‘gift’ at age seven – except that ‘gift’ left her with type 3 Female Genital Mutilation.

How can Cleo love her body, when her husband brutally sexually assaults her? Finding strength after this hideous act, Cleo resolves to go against her family’s wishes and seek reversal surgery. On her journey of healing, Cleo meets Eve, a fellow FGM victim who is instantly drawn to her…

Bullet Hole examines the physical, mental and emotional effects this practice causes, and shines a light on the institutions in Britain that can offer support.

Lara Ginovese (founder of Naiad Productions) directs, while writer Gloria Williams (Mules, White Bear Theatre) stars alongside Doreene Blackstock (also in Distance at the Park Theatre) and Anni Domingo (Gone With The Wind, Theatre Royal Drury Lane).

Bullet Hole is a story of hope, love and human rights played by an all-female cast. The play first premiered at the 2017 Camden Fringe Festival and later was shortlisted for the Alfred Fagon Audience Choice Award.

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