Genre Musical
Closing 05/03/2016
Running Time 2hr20

In a world first, Beyond The Fence marks a special event in the history of musical theatre as the first show conceived and largely created by computer, receiving its world premiere at London’s Arts Theatre.

Set in September 1982 at the Greenham Common peace camp, Beyond The Fence is the tale of Mary and her daughter George, with the group of women they have joined committed to protesting against the arrival of US cruise missiles through non-violent means.

But when this cause threatens the future of George, with Mary facing losing her to the authorities as a result of her affiliations, she must try to find an unlikely compromise between staying true to her family, and staying true to her principles. At what price comes having a voice?

Modelled on a statistical study of the “recipe for success” in hit musicals, the premise for this musical has been generated in collaboration with leading experts in music, computation and the science of human creativity, with guidance from composer Benjamin Till and writer Nathan Taylor. Utilising powerful and innovative structuring platforms, the road to the stage will be charted by Sky Arts.

Beyond The Fence is a daring, exciting new step forwards for musical theatre, and is a story of hope, defiance, unity and love.

Recommended for ages 12+.

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